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Did Rio+20 assure a sustainable future? – a feature article appeared in the Economic Review

a paper on sustainability in movies

CO2 emissions, GDP, and World Crude Oil Price nexus in the United States – a research paper

CO2 emissions per capita - GDP per capita nexus in Australia – a research paper

Electricity consumption – GDP nexus in Sri Lanka – a research paper

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Two Choices: take a look, very touching

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Thermodynamics for Beginners:

with worked examples

a book for university students & practising engineers

How to Compost Kitchen Waste

in your Garden

a book for general public

about composting with soldier flies,

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Impact of Sri Lankan Rural Roads on Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Mitigation and Climate Change


– A Case Study







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updated on March 07, 2013


walking the earth


 from Horton Plains to Bambarakanda waterfalls

What I saw through the rain pounding windows was gripping - there she was, or is, free-spirited, wild, graceful, flowing down with shear force having detached herself from her stately, weather-beaten, immortal companion…….

 Up on Alagalla


It was wonderful to get up there, feeling all the way up that it was something that you really, really can’t do, and then to sit on the top of it looking far and wide, below and above, thrilled by those once distant clouds playing hide and seek with you, and accepting rain as it came, leeches as they climbed, potential falls and even possible brisk death at a stink of a snake......





At times one or the other olive green bold one takes on the challenge of barking dogs; stays put; never mind the lights; never mind me; says something in pig dialect. I want to touch it. Caress it. And, say in pig dialect that I want to be his ……..

 The Story of Maggie 

They two had, and still have, only one purpose in this world – that is to live, which they did in every second of their lives with such an intensity that the human is, alas, not blessed with ………

 An Encounter

He offered no resistance. He was rather shocked - it appeared. He asked me, as I was taking his fist downwards looking straight into his eyes, if I was going to hit him. ………

'Ninaivuhal' (in Tamil)

'Aval Kalyanam' (in Tamil)

'Enke Tholaiththal' (in Tamil)



A Way Out


So Powerful



is the hate

that crept

into her heart


Thinking of You


Whatever is the pain

knowing you

makes me feel full

Full of sadness

And full of happiness


Two spoons and the Remains of Frank Mills


Until I wooed them

To the

Warmth of my neck

Under the thick

Black hair



'Maranaththai Kandu' (in Tamil)



jazz cooking

Cooking is the worst thing happened to civilization. I was lucky that I was not initiated into cooking (thanks to my non-conventional and born-free mom who appeared so wrong when we were growing up) until the need to find some food for myself hit me hard. So I am very original with my cooking, and here are some recipes for you to enjoy and entertain.

saturday celebration


apple-banana excellence


grandma’s delicate omelet

zucchini soup with hidden brinjal


dinner brilliance


baby corn-cabbage-carrot delight






lecture and project materials

DPR514 Energy and Environment




CP302 Mass Transfer (Course Description)

Sets 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08; Example sets 01, 02 and 03)

CP303 Reaction Engineering




CP307 Process Engineering Project

CP407 Independent Study


CP507 Process Engineering Research Project

CP502 Advanced Fluid Mechanics


CP504 Biological Process Engineering


CP551 Sustainable Development


QE111 Elementary Thermodynamics


Flash animation examples


CES Energy and Environment Section

(Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)


CES Industrial Pollution Section

(ppt, notes and background material)


PM3125 Pharmaceutical  Technology 1


words of wisdom (mine, of course)

It is nice of you to think of others. I believe that is what keeps our sanity in this insane world.

Always doing my best to promote a world in which each and every life, including every human, animals, insects, trees and other living things, has an equal place and equal justice.

I am getting very calm inside seeing the meaninglessness around me.

To do one’s best, one need to synchronize one’s self with the world out there. So that one sees what is out there – not what one wants to see as out there.

’Living is all about us - not about others’ - a little discovery of mine that makes my life less clumsy and myself more honest despite one would have expected the contrary.

One who wants to do only the best does nothing. They are dreamers who want to do great and complete tasks that will not be criticized by anyone else, and end up doing nothing. Then there are those cheaters who cheat around and get all what they want (I doubt that anyways!). There is, however, a middle way as it is in every task, where one could concentrate on some honest contributions to the world we live in - however inadequate that would turn out to be.

I am not a feminist as a matter of fact I don't associate with feminists because they are very much like men. I am a woman and I know they are superior in the way they care - and they have always been like that. Look at a woman-cat versus a man-cat. But then it goes without saying men are more adventurous than women. The question is "Should the world be led by those who care or those who adventure?”

I suppose there are two kinds of ideologies (that concerns poverty). One is "let's share what we got", and the other is "let me take as much as I could". I suppose, one belongs to one ideology or the other, not half way in one and the other half way in the other. US and many other countries (including Sri Lanka) are in the "let me take" basket. So why hit them? They will be there until they see an end to the "let me take all" ideology. Poverty is just a visible damage of that ideology. As a matter of fact, I cannot name one single country that is in the "let us share" basket. And, very few of us, individuals, even think that "let us share" is a viable ideology for those of us wanting to taste “success”.

Bliss of Divine can be realized with humility and sincerity, but by worship alone.

Even though seeds of majestic trees do not sprout on rocky ground, it is full of its own variety of life forms that are particular to its ecology.

No amount of reading will change the way I see the world. I read for information not for change of heart, which comes from figuring out things myself, by asking questions and finding answers in the world out there through experience. I don't take these popular figures too seriously, because I know that there are two sides of every human and no one is an exception. I know, you don't need to tell me, I am proud and stubborn - which anyhow two things about me (and anyone else) I simply adore.  

Unopposed victorious regime is on the same path of ruin as the ardently opposed regime.

One ought to experiments with life until one finds out a place where one feels most comfortable with oneself. It is better than staying where you are not feeling happy and comfortable.

Everyone ought to live a life which is trustworthy. If everyone does that, how wonderful our lives would be, trusting each other. That is however not to be. People nowadays live a life of “cleverness” (in search of success) and then when they loose the grip on life, they run into those who live it differently (keeping to values). I am kind of tired of being a lighthouse for those lost souls, really.