Two Spoons and

The Remains of Frank Mills


It was the Almeirah

That I arranged

And rearranged

When my brothers

Also your father

Were away on the roads

Courting their women

And I home all to myself


It was the Almeirah

Which kept away

The ghosts

Creeping in

From behind

In the mid of the night

When the clock stuck



It was the Almeirah

Which housed

The elusive me

Who peaked out

Only through the mirror


It was the Almeirah

Behind which

The “tup”, “tup” kitties


Until I wooed them

To the

Warmth of my neck

Under the thick

Black hair


It was the Almeirah

Which housed

My father’s treasures,

A tie or two

And an unworn coat

Few shirts

Few trousers

And his taste

And his soul


Soul is not your care

Antique is

Sentiments you know not

Emotions stir you not


Four years in this abode

You learned nothing

Having grown up

In the world of

Competition, jealously

And greed


When you came to me

You owed nothing

Now you do


Two spoons,

 Big N' small

The Remains of Frank Mills,

My bed mate


The duplicate House Key


Of course,

The Almeirah 

- August 2008



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Uploaded on August 25, 2008