PM3125 Pharmaceutical Technology 1

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 Course Description


 Timeline has been changed and informed


Past papers: Feb 2010; Sept 2010


Learning material for Lectures 1 to 5 on Mass transfer (held on Feb 27 & March 05, 2012):

Concept and theory of mass transfer


PowerPoint presentation



Learning material for Lectures 6 to 9 on Heat transfer (held on March 05 & 12, 2012):

Source of heat; heat transfer; steam and electricity as heating media; determination of requirement of amount of steam and electrical energy


PowerPoint presentation


Reference for Steam Table usage: Chapter 6 of Thermodynamics for Beginners by R. Shanthini, with Figure 6.1, Figure 6.2 and Figure 6.3 for pages 73, 75 and 79 of Chapter 6, respectively.



Learning material for Lectures 10 to 12 on Heat transfer (held on March 19, 2012):

Mathematical problems on heat transfer


PowerPoint presentation


Reading materials:

1) Log Mean Temperature Difference Method for Multipass and Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers (pdf)

2) A chapter on heat exchangers with problems (pdf)

3) Effectively Designed Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers (pdf)



Learning material for Lectures 13 to 17 on Evaporation (held on May 28 & on June 05, 2012):

Factors affecting evaporation, evaporators, film evaporators, single effect and multiple effect evaporators and mathematical problems on evaporation


PowerPoint presentations for lectures 13-15, Example 4 worked out, and for lectures 16-17


Problems set with answers


Reading materials:

1) Evaporator Handbook (pdf)

2) Selecting evaporators for process applications (pdf)

3) Evaporation Technology_Messo Technolgies Group (pdf)



Learning material for Lecture 18 (held on Oct 22, 2012), Lectures 19 to 20 (held on Nov 05, 2012) and Lecture 21 (held on Nov 06, 2012) on Particle Size Separation, Compression & Compaction:

Particle size separation: different techniques of size separation, sieves and sieve shakers, mechanical classifiers, air separators 

Compression and compaction: solid-air interface, angle of repose, flow rates, mass-volume relationship, density, heckel plots, consolidation, friability, compression.


PowerPoint presentations for lecture 18 (Part 01 and Part 02), lectures 19 to 20 and lecture 21


Reading materials:

1) Tablet compression principles (pdf)

2) The compaction of pharmaceutical powders (doc)

3) Size reduction and size separation (pdf)





updated on Nov 06, 2012