Cover page of the book  "Thermodynamics for Beginners with worked examples" by Prof. R. Shanthini; published in 2006


for Beginners

with worked examples

R. Shanthini

ISBN: 955-589-090-0

338 pages, 128mm x 258mm

Price: Rs 390/=

Text copy right : R. Shanthini, 2006 (1st edition); 2009 (2nd edition)

Publisher: Science Education Unit, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka 

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It is a student-friendly thermodynamic book

written in a simple and easy to understand style


        With the help of this book, even an absolute beginner to thermodynamics could learn thermodynamics on his/her own.


        This book is an outcome of my experience in teaching thermodynamics for nearly two decades to absolute beginners to thermodynamics.


        Important concepts in thermodynamics are introduced as a conversation between the teacher and the student (see chapter 1, chapter 7, Chapter 12 or chapter 13).


        Some applications of thermodynamics included in this book are as realistic as jet engines and the combined power plants (see chapter 12).


        Worked examples included in this book are an excellent collection, which tell very clearly in a step-by-step fashion what are the tools needed to solve thermodynamic problems and to use them appropriately.


        The book is written in simple and easy to understand English, having in mind the students who have followed their education to the University level in their mother tongues, as is the case in Sri Lanka.


Dedicated to

those marvellous pairs of eyes

that listened wonderfully,

while I taught them

the Laws of Thermodynamics

The e-book version of Thermodynamics for Beginners is freely downloadable by chapters using the links provided below:



Chapter 1: The First Law

Chapter 2: Thermodynamic Terminology

Chapter 3: The First Law applied to Closed Systems

Chapter 4: Internal Energy & Enthalpy

Chapter 5: Working with Ideal Gas

Chapter 6: Working with Real Gases & Steam (with Figure 6.1; Figure 6.2; Figure 6.3)

Chapter 7: Boundary Work

Chapter 8: All About Heat

Chapter 9: The First Law applied to Open Systems

Chapter 10: The First Law applied to Steady Flow Processes

Chapter 11: Entropy

Chapter 12: Thermodynamic Analyses of Power Plants

Chapter 13: Introduction to the Second Law


copyright R. Shanthini


updated on September 17, 2012